Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 14th, 2009, It was one of those virtually cloudless skies that were still so rich with color. Joined by my fellow Photographer and long time friend Lee Ladouceur, we set off to shoot, and enjoy the falling sun. With my recent interest in HDR photography(HDR is when 2 or more photos are combined to gain detail in high contrast situations), my original plan was to bracket everything while locking everything down on a tripod. I set up my current 5D with my canon 70-200mm L/2.8 lens and set the camera to manual. Shooting RAW and JPG simultaneously I set my focus and started to shoot. Slowing my shutter speed little by little, bringing the continuous photos I was taking to become closer to the proper exposure, as well as going too bright and back down. After reviewing my first few shots on the back of the camera quickly, I saw the scene in a completely different way.

The recent release of the 5D MKII, with the result of digital video being thrown into the world of digital photography, my intrest was bound to evolve. I set the camera to my prefered exposure and kept shooting. Starting with the manifestation of smoke only to disapear like a boring yet amazing phenomenon that we've all seen a million times. Later to move on to other scenes that had captures my interest. I started to play with manual focus, and zooming and decided I was going to take every photo from the day, and put it into a video. Sorry about the speed of the end of the video. I didn't know how to change the frame rate for the video production. This is the final product, Enjoy.

Help me justify $3000 for the 5D MKII.