Sunday, October 5, 2008

Darlings of Chelsea

The Black Halos, Cheerleader, and even Robin Black are all components that make up the band. These guys are an incredible mix of talent and experience. They sounded like they had been playing together for years, but in reality only a few months. Without them ever playing a show together, I was lucky enough to be invited to take photos of them at practice.

I would almost call it a surreal experience to be around these guys. While Sean sang his heart out, Paul and Jay were ripping on guitar, Robby playing base, and Chris on drums, their unique sound came together seamlessly. After the jam, we hung out with them in the lounge area and I got a good idea of how much fun these guys have on a daily basis.

After the beer and pizza was done, we set out for Dakota Tavern. A small basement bar with a band with a country feel. The night finished off with great conversation and the enjoyment of finally hearing Robert Johnson's tracks playing at a bar.

The following morning, I really wanted to take some daylight photos of the guys. Overdone, yet timeless, I had the guys stand in a straight line in whatever area I found to be photogenic.

Later that evening, I met up with Kristen, a friend from High School. After catching up for a few hours (to update the 7 years of not seeing each other) we decided to have some drinks at her friends place before Nuit Blanche. For those of you who aren't familiar with the event. Imagine an entire downtown area with an art exhibit at every street corner (at least.) Only happens once a year from sunset, to sunrise. The group grew and shrank with passing of time, and once we had enough of the packed sidewalks and amazing art, myself and 3 others went for milkshakes and quite possibly the biggest and best mountain of nachos I've ever laid eyes on.

Every so often I get to be on these little adventures where I am overwhelmed with the outcome. When nothing really goes wrong, and I get some great images, It's not something I will soon forget.

Thanks everyone for the great times and generous hospitality.


Anonymous said...

Wicked shots - thx again Ken! You're a genius.

Unknown said...

looking very very cool!

I like what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Great pics... good times had by all. Thanks Ken~!

Kristen said...

friends and zombies, hoorah!