Friday, October 31, 2008

I wanna ride on a WhiteHorse

Its really unfortunate that I didn't get to spend as much time in the Yukon as I would have liked. While the 80 of us on tour waited and just took in the fresh cold air. Looking off to the endless snow covered tarmac to the mountains that surrounded.
With a population of the entire Yukon only being about 35000, most of the people are in whitehorse. There was a lot of cute little shops near the
hotel that I was able to check out. Best of all, is the 50's diner that i stumbled upon. What a great place!

Only spending about 26 hours in the Yukon in total, We flew out in what the locals call an "ice fog" to set of for Victoria. The first night here, there wasn't a concert, but there was a party with the lieutenant-governor of British Colombia. Tons of great food and drinks-o-plenty! rich people sure know how to throw a party!
It's Halloween and a huge part of me wants to be home spending it with friends. It's almost like christmas to me. I've been jumping around from hotel to hotel and this tour is far from over. All of the musicians have taken a liking to me, which makes things easier. I still miss everyone from home like crazy! I'll be home soon!

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Mark said...

"All of the musicians have taken a liking to me"... My guess is that you make them look good in your shots.

Did you have the Blue Plate special in the diner??