Monday, October 27, 2008

Is a day off really a day off?

(I would like everyone to know that none of these are retouched in photoshop. I did fix them for colour and contrast when I turned them into small jpgs.)

Yesterday I had myself a day off to sigh see, to shop, and to shoot for myself. I didn't shop, but I did do a bit of sigh seeing while I met up with a model named Amanda-Lynn, and she was nice enough to drive me around to see a few things while we tried to do some stock photos. I was surprised to see so many people outside enjoying the weather. Most people were on cellphones, but still out none the less.

After Amanda and I parted ways, I was able to set up another last minute photoshoot with Laura. I figure if I have a hotel room paid for, I might as use it to my advantage. Got some wine, popcorn, and a laptop, that's all you need.

It happens often (pretty much every time I shoot) where I surprise myself. It's a really good feeling when I finish a shoot and I'm proud of what the outcome is. Especially when I look at them later on and see that the eyes are in focus!
Both of these shoots were so last minute. The first one I only had a reflector and the second was done with 2 flashes. One with an umbrella, and the other bouncing off the wall. All of the money I will be making off this trip is already spent on gear for the trip. Coming out even isn't bad but I'm still crossing my fingers that these collections will sell. I've got about 100 from Amanda and about 160 from Laura. Round of applause for the last minute models!


Mark said...

A day off is never just a day off. Good on ya for making use of your new location, etc.

Mark said...

PS: I love the 2nd photo of Amanda Lynn with the tree backdrop.

Trevor Lush said...

Gorgeous light in that first image... just beautiful!

J said...

Great photos. Do you have other shots of Amanda Lynn? She's gorgeous!