Monday, November 10, 2008

Nearing the end.

So I'm in Winnipeg, and it's the last of the tour. I'll be home after midnight this Wednesday. I haven't done any shooting for myself as I am spread pretty thin with everything going on. A flight a day takes its toll. Everything seems like a blur. I really have to think of what happened in what city/provence. All the musicians on the tour are absolutely amazing at what they do. With their great mix of personalities and sense of humour, this is not what I imagined.With everything that's been happening, I'm glad I'm taking photos the whole time. Its not just the memories, but good memories. I'm able to see places that I would have never thought to see before. It's a pretty amazing feeling. Everyone on the tour probably feels like I do when I'm sad to see it be over, but it's an even greater feeling to go home to loved ones. Tonight is the last big reception. I figure I might as well write something now seeing as I probably wont be up to it in the morning. You may have noticed I started to do the tacky claim stamp on the images. Apparently someone likes my work so much they want to claim it as their own. To whom ever you are, Fack Off! To everyone else. Thanks for reading, I'll try to post again before I go home but don't count on it! Be home soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More more more.

I have been doing a ridiculous amount shooting. My most so far was in Edmonton. I shot 5 different events lasting 12 hours total for the NAC and I then went on to do my own shoot that night. Its no wonder My shot counter on the camera is nearing 35 000. The shoot I did to reward myself after my very hard day of work was more of a sexy shoot. More so than I have been anyway. Yesterday in Calgary I had 2 shoots planned for myself cuz it was suppose to be my day off. I was able to do one of them downtown in the afternoon, but then last minute I was called to duty. At 5pm I was driven an hour and a half to Banff to shoot a smaller concert. 1 hour for the concert, another hour for the reception, then the drive back to Calgary. I'd like to say I went to banff and it was absolutely gorgeous. But all I saw was a black sky. Couldn't even see the mountains in the distance. Quite unfortunate but I suppose it will give me all the more reason to go back and get the experience I feel I should have. For the rest of this trip it will be pretty much a flight a day. I will be going non stop. I've been fighting off a cold since the end of the first week so hopefully I'll be healthy when I finally land in ottawa. This shot is of Dori in downtown Calgary.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kamloops = Amazing

When I'm not too busy being shy, I can meet some really great people. Emily Long, who blew me away with the way she aspires to live her life. I first saw her in a coffee shop and thought to myself, it would be great to take photos of someone like her. I kept on doing the touristy thing in downtown Kamloops. Not long after I happened to see this young lady again. I Had to ask. I was about a block and a half behind her, I was debating what would be less creepy, if I ran up, or walked. (both pretty creepy) I took my time and followed her to the water and looking up at the mountains and down at the water, I couldn't not ask. "excuse me, sorry to bother you. I'd really like to take your photo...."The conversation went on about music and experiences the entire time. After taking photos of the NAC Orchestra at the local theater, I met up with her again and met some other local musicians. The lot of us went back to her place to chill out, and to my surprise she put on Minus the Bear. Needless to say it brought back some amazing memories from home as well as made some pretty great new ones.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the bulk

Hey everyone, I'm not posting many photos of the actual tour cuz there's just too many. If you guys want to see what I've been shooting on a daily basis check out
Its updated fairly regularly. Yesterday on Nov 1st, I was able to do a few little things for myself. After shooting Master Classes with members of the Orchestra, I went to get a little bit of a hair cut and had a great conversation with Gerard. He agreed to sit for a photo.
After shooting the concert at the Royal Theatre here in Victoria, I left the reception early to take photos of Kyla and Scott. A local couple who agreed to do some photos. This is a very busy trip, but so worth it.